Globalization-Enforced Holiday Cheer

The coffee chain prepares in
early November.
Silver bells are painted on the window;
there is a promise of tinsel to follow.

Carols are not yet forthcoming,
but when they are they will not doubt
be predominantly poppy, cheerful songs.
Traditional carols will fade, forgotten.

The coffee will be adapted,
people paying for a status drink.
“It’s Christmassy,” they chorus.
Come January it will be off-trend for eleven months.

Nearby stores do not succumb.
They resist the allure of seasonal items
and bravely persevere with 
365-day items.

In these four walls Christmas is
bundled up, placed on a plate or
tipped into a cup.
Easy to access, variably easy to consume.

Meaning becomes dulled somewhat –
it becomes a trend.
People avoid or embrace it, in all
its overpriced, prepackaged glory.

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