A Time-Traveled About Page

Well, I did have a whole About Me blurb. It explained how I was still a Singleton, a la Bridget Jones. My future self was a lecturer, specializing in Chaucer. I moved to America seven years from now.

Then I realized, in the middle of pondering quirky things… I don’t know what the future holds. Besides that, if I do go on and tell you what Imaginary-Me is like in the future, I’m going to feel I have to live up to it. 

Ten years from now, I might not be the Singleton I anticipated. I might not teach, though the self-publishing might come to life. I’m noticing a lot of might here. Five years ago, I used to be very definitive about what I would do for a career. (Archaeology, if you’re wondering) I defined what I was going to study at university. (I was partly right) In the end, I ditched the archaeology plans but kept the interest, and took up English – as I said four years ago.

Nowadays, the extent of my planning is that in January I intend to do summer school.

I anticipated that Future-Me is just like Present-Me, but ten years older. That strikes me as a kind of narrow way of thinking, because no-one knows what’s around the corner. Will I even be blogging in ten years? This blog might bulk up with another 3652 posts, or I might post my final post in a fit of ire three months from now. Sure, I imagine the future, but right now I don’t think I’m up to putting too fine a point on it.

So let’s come back in ten years, whether or not I’m still blogging, and see what the About Me has to say.


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