Music, Inducing Words

I’ve always liked music more if I can relate to it. If not relate, then at least understand it. This is why I shy away from songs that seem to be music for the sake of it.

A few years ago I picked up a pen to write creatively I came across Lady Antebellum on the radio. Together, the two seemed to work.

I’ve read a lot. I pride myself on keeping a love of reading after my parents stopped reading to/with me. I suppose eventually it was bound to translate to a love of writing. The thing was, I wanted to go against all the chick-lit I was reading. In basically every story I read during my teen years there was a happy ending. Lady Antebellum’s music showed me there wasn’t always a happy ending.

For instance, Wanted You More. I imagine from the title you can guess what it’s about. In a relationship, one person is doing the work and trying to make it work. After I heard this (and the music video is gorgeous) I thought, I want to write this.

And I did try. My second NaNoWriMo novel was based off this, partly.

It gave me so many ideas for what I could write in the realm of heartbreak rather than roses and diamond rings.

a girl, trying desperately to decide if she wants a relationship. a boy, hoping to not be rejected. she tells him no. he doesn’t try to fight it. she doesn’t understand what he sees in her, why he wants her. he tries to explain, argues with a university student. she treats it like an academic debate. they go back and forth for months. she apologizes, empty words. he finds someone else. she learns of it. it’s final.

Another example is Dancin’ Away With My Heart. This one is more based on prom, or the end-of-year formal dance. My school called it a ball, for reasons that still escape me. Since I skipped both of them I’m a little unsure of writing dances, but the principle is still the same.

they’re standing there staring at each other. it’s raining, and there isn’t much shelter above them. he’s leaning closer to her. he knows her better than most but he’s uncertain of his reception. the spell breaks and they pull away. she murmurs that she should go, he nods and they go their separate ways. she doesn’t look back, but he turns and watches her go. this moment will always be a what-if.

Lyrics and songs such as these speak to me, they trigger my creativity. I don’t mind love stories but I do mind that happy endings are a major trend. For me, I can listen to these and write something. Sometimes, through writing, I come to relate a little bit better to the lyric, even if it isn’t something I’ve dealt with personally. Without music, I think I’d be scrounging up haikus and constantly crossing out or deleting everything I’d ever tried to write. Music gives me ideas and makes me more confident when scratching out a short story or flash fiction.

Written in response to the Weekly Writing Challenge

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