Of Blogging and Examining

This topic leaped into my head. It’s a thing I am dealing with, and I don’t doubt that thousands of others are in the same boat. The same slightly too small boat on which you don’t have much spending money.

Exams. They plague us and so, for some, blogging is a bit of a refuge. Type up something to do with the latest prompt, put up a haiku and spend a happy half hour browsing. For others it’s to be avoided, partly because of that half hour and partly because of lack of inspiration. Once I christened NaBloPoMo as NaBloPoYe, during which I dreamed about posting daily for a year. I never quite made that because I stopped blogging for several months, but my posting streak is doing better now. 

So, blogging and exams. It may sound crazy, but it’s doable. Hell, it’s still doable if you add NaNoWriMo on it. I imagine if I told people about these intents face-to-face, I’d get crazy looks. 

Thing is, there’s no real guideline to your daily post. I find that’s the first thing to think about. Some days, you can just scrape together a haiku and call it a day. I do.

“But time restraints!” cries the little voice. Maybe it’s a real voice, maybe it’s imagined. Yes, balancing can be tricky. You know how study advice comes with take a break? Utilize it. When you break, think about possible topics. Yesterday, I had two exams. I came home, I had dinner, I didn’t fall asleep over my plate. I visited WordPress and found a Daily Prompt, hammered out a few words and posted it. 

Here, the idea is to post after an exam. 

I did intend yesterday’s post to be a poem, but I looked at the New Post square and thought, I can’t be bothered. So, that leads to my next thought: use the queue feature. Put together whatever you like, then save it with a time and date for publishing and leave it to the blog elves. It goes up and you get to focus on Heavy Reading of Coursebooks.

Between exams, I focus on study. The days see me reading and revising, and then creating something for a blog becomes a bit of light relief that clears away the cobwebs. Also, bear in mind when the last exam is. My last one is November 15: that means thirteen more days of bread-and-butter prompts and haikus. After that I can get back to my own lengthy poems and tracking novel progress. 

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t manage to post every day. It’s a challenge for a reason, and it isn’t as if you’re going to be reprimanded for missing a day. Do put the books away for a while, though I’m not saying stop entirely. And above all, have fun! Even exams can be enjoyable. 

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