Just Seven?

So when I saw today’s Daily Prompt, I couldn’t get my head around it. Imagine, if you will, the look on Voldemort’s face in Deathly Hallows 2, at Malfoy Manor. More specifically, the look he had when he’d realized Harry was after the Horcruxes and was talking to Nagini. I’ve always thought he looked like someone just kicked his puppy.

That’s the kind of look I had in my mind, (though I’m less murderous and creepy and a lot prettier) because seven words? Just doesn’t seem enough to me, and I’ve long wondered the significance of the number seven. Why’s it so great?

Anyway, my top-seven words ever.

1. Facebook. If for no other reason than to show that people use it as a bit of a distinguisher: are you on Facebook, no then why not, yes but I never use it. It’s the age of technology.

2. Globalization. I remember once watching a documentary on coffee and seeing Starbucks, I think it was, employees rave about how their product changed lives. I said to myself, it’s just coffee. Then one time, shopping, I vehemently refused to set foot in a Starbucks. I much prefer my university coffee shop.

3. Love. Well, it’s a pretty important one. “I love this, I love that.” Look at almost any piece of literature ever. Love actually does have a big part in our lives.

4. Family. Goes along with love, can be either extremely important or not at all to people. (For me, it’s very important.)

5. Music. Oh, I need music. I once read a story based around music, “love is music in search of words” I think it said. It stuck with me.

6. Emotion. Another thing which features heavily in day-to-day life. It’s there. You can’t really hide from it, can you? We discuss and dissect emotion, consider what it means and why it’s present.

7. Insufficient. As I said, seven words isn’t enough. I tried to imagine combining these seven and came up with nonsense. It’s like the prompt where we had to pick five foods for deserted-island exile. You can do it, but there’s just going to be boredom. 

I don’t think paring down the language to seven words will do much for understanding each other. You can tell my issue with few words from the length of this post.


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