Night Owl of the World

I am a night owl. Partly because there is a song from Lady Antebellum that references “owning the night”. True, the song is about… Well, google it. Lady Antebellum “Own the Night”. This prompt isn’t asking me to tell you about songs.

Partly, because I like to be awake when others in New Zealand sleep and others on the other side of the world are just waking up. Not sleeping extends the amount of time that can be spent elsewhere. It allows for reading and a variety of other places.

Therefore, six am is the world’s worst time. It’s quite close to my bedtime and thus, deserves to be reserved for special occasions. By special occasions, I mean exams.

Otherwise, if I can manage it, I like to stay up late and sleep late.

When I combine that with writing, I suspect I should be a vampire/writer.

Can’t go wrong.


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