Of Recluses and Writing

I’m a recluse.

Today’s prompt asks about the strangest place from which you’ve done a blog post. And thus, I must concede that there is no strange place.

I am not a traveller: I am a student, and have little money. My days are from university to home and back. Weekends, I sleep late, because there isn’t enough time in the week.

My primary posting places are home or university. Some days I will get there at 10am and see the post, or have an idea. I will then type it and post it in the lecture theatre. Other days I will curl up at home and spend a lazy hour tapping away. These places are not strange in the conventional sense, but then again, I just considered the criteria.

At home, I need to be in my room. At university, I have two or three places I prefer to go – I’m a creature of rigorous habit. These are my happy places and provide me with the peace I need to rattle something off. As yet, I don’t have any quirky tales about being in place X and deciding to blog.

One day though, I intend that I will.


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