Prime Minister of the Internet

Do I accept being Prime Minister of the Internet?

Yes. Yes, I do accept. Thank you for asking.

For inspiration I read a few other posts and decided I could only treat this as a humourous piece*

My platform involves creative writing and penguins. That is not to say the penguins will write creatively, but they can if they so choose. There will be guides on slurking and the specifics of leprechauns. There will be less emphasis on the boring stuff, such as which celebrity got a haircut or… Whatever boring stuff you can think of.

I would be highly organized. My organizing, when I put my mind to it, is excellent. I colour code my wardrobe in alphabetical order of colour – by name. Books are organized by author, title or year depending on my mood.

I’m sure there is much more I could do, were I leader of the Internet, but I can’t think of it right now.

And after three years, I will delegate to the penguins, who are even more efficient than I am.

*this piece is brought to you by chocolate and Friday tiredness


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