Of Books and Blogs

When I’m choosing a book, nowadays it’s mostly to do its to do with what books are on the prescribed list for classes. I don’t have the time to read much more, because I’m taking three English papers, all of which are heavy on the reading. I don’t mind. I like reading, and every so often I promise myself I’ll read more Literature and less fluffy girly novels.

As for blogs… Nine times out of ten I’ll see someone’s blog if they comment or like a post. If I like what I see, I’ll follow. Other times I’ll see the panel that shows who’s someone is following, and see if anything takes my interest. Here, and in the case of daily prompt pingbacks, I’ll look at names. If the blog name is interesting, or stands out somehow, I’ll take a look. Bonus points if the pingback has a snazzy name, not just the ‘Daily Prompt’ stuff. I try not to follow too many though: otherwise, it gets overwhelming and I find that it detracts from the fun.

After I write this I will no doubt be scanning the list of pingbacks.

And therein lies my reading formula.


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