Not More Time Travel

Yesterday I wrote about time-travel. Today the prompt asks for time standing still so you can change one thing.

If I could tweak anything, it would be writing. Right now these prompts are my bread and butter, except more interesting because really, bread and butter is kind of boring. Still, right now they’re a staple of my blog. My poetry has run dry and I haven’t the time to write more.

For the record, I’m not a fan of doing my original creative writing daily. It feels too much like a doctor’s prescription: write every day for one million years, and you will improve. No, I prefer to write in accordance with when I have the time or energy or inspiration. I know someone who will say she’s writing, even though it means nothing to her. I sometimes get the impression that she feels obliged, since I was the one who pseudo-taught her about writing. I don’t want to become that type of person, so I just write.

So by working in my frozen timeframe I would do all the poem and short story prompts I have listed. I would put effort into remembering the ideas I have at 1am or some other inconvenient time. I would write until my hand seized up and the notebook filled up and the pen ink ran out. My eyes would glaze and my shoulders would become sore, but I would keep writing.

I was going to do this as a poem, but that idea came to a screeching halt when I didn’t know where to begin.

Soon though, there will be my own original stuff on here. Swear to Chaucer.

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