If I Could Do Anything

There have been many things I wish I could do, and some I don’t.

Then there are the things I can do, and I wish I could group them more neatly.

For example: I can write. I can bake and even put a lasagne on the table with only a bit of help. Making a roux is a recently acquired skill.

I can come up with ideas and somehow manage to work them, provided they don’t require major funding. I can make pretty PowerPoints and remember the most random crap.

I cannot work maths. Algebra – I never ever got the hang of it, in fact I did the Super-Duper Easy Maths in high school so I could get numeracy credits for university entrance. I got the credits, finished the year in maths boredom, and never took it again. I don’t understand cricket or soccer and can only partly tell you what’s going on in rugby.

I wish I could draw. Drawing is a thing which others can do, and I cannot. You are, apparently, supposed to draw what you see. I have tried. However, when I try a cityscape, the tall buildings look tall and flat. If I try a person, you can bet the sketch will look nothing like them. There’s just something in my brain, that when I put pencil to paper, short-circuits. I blame the synapses and then it doesn’t come out right.

What I see is completely different to what my pencil sees.


6 thoughts on “If I Could Do Anything”

  1. If you have a wish or need for maths, check out Khanacademy.com. Free math help.

    As for drawing. *sigh* I’m right with you in this desire and lack of talent for it. I once took a drawing class and a lot of time was devoted to perspective (the cure for your flat buildings), but I just could not, would not devote the time to improving what for me would have to be a hard-learned skill.

    You definitely can write. I enjoyed your blogpost very much.


    1. I don’t really need maths much now, though thanks for the link.

      I remember watching in envy as a friend outlined a sketch and then puzzled over how to mix paints to come up with the right shade. How did she know to do that, I wondered. What made her sure of what she was doing? It baffled me, and like you, I haven’t the patience to practise.

      Thank you! I had a look at a few of your posts and enjoyed what I saw also 🙂


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