What A Great Teacher

I feel like I foresaw this prompt. The other day, in Send Away The Audience I mentioned a great tutor I had.

She’s actually the lecturer and tutor of the smaller groups. For the sake of privacy I won’t name names, but she is a good tutor.

She seems pretty young, which is always helpful. I find young lecturers easier to relate to. Always have.

In lectures she uses PowerPoint frequently, which is fun. I like words more than pictures, but every so often I like to have pretty images to look at. It’s entertaining and breaks up the talking. And I have extra praise for the fact that she rarely uses film clips and things, unless they’re really relevant to the topic.

As a tutor she doesn’t just stand and drone like some do. She’ll wander around, chat to everyone, and try to get everyone to contribute to the discussion. Even the very shy ones who don’t say anything: she tries to draw them out. To me that says she actually cares about the students, even though she’ll see them for twelve weeks and then the semester ends.

So as to what makes a great teacher: someone who can capably take tutorials and lectures. Someone who doesn’t rely on film and video clips to keep a tutorial running, and someone who interacts with all the students. Good job, Tutor.

Please keep it up.


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