Dear Calliope, It Just Isn’t Fair

Firstly, I would like to make a thing clear: I know that Calliope is the muse of epic poetry. However, it is said that her emblem is a writing tablet, which makes her kind of the writing muse overall. Although I suppose Erato, muse of love poetry, is also relevant.

That said, Calliope, it just isn’t fair how you supply a person with loads of ideas and then withdraw the means for a person to write them. I have dozens of ideas, dozens. And yet, I haven’t the inspiration to put them into coherent strings of words. I have a little collection of pretend flashcards, on which are written maybe three words and either P or SS, differentiating if it is to be a poem or short story.

I like to do things differently. I try not to repeat my material, because that’s boring and unchallenging.

When I began this blog, the intent was that it would be primarily creative writing. Sadly, it is functioning less on creative writing now and more on the daily prompt. That’s not to say I dislike the daily prompt – I love them – but I want to do my own original writing.

Also, Calliope, you seem to be robbing my memory. Is it my fault that at 1am I mentally compose a haiku and don’t have the foresight to write it down? (No, is the answer you may be looking for)

The same goes for my fanfic. Inspiration is drying up and I have a Notebook of Doom, in which I have 148 ideas listed. Then there’s the other, smaller notebook with eighty-three. I know this because I number the pages, the better to demand someone pick a number at random.

So, Calliope, it is the weekend. I implore you, give me some inspiration to knock off a few more writing ideas, before I go crazy and combine them all into one giant novel.

That would make a really whacked-out novel, now I think of it.

13 thoughts on “Dear Calliope, It Just Isn’t Fair”

  1. I hear you! Especially with the Daily Prompt. I can’t not answer them…though I didn’t today…but sometimes I just turn everything off and write, disconnected from WP. WP can sometimes be like the new Facebook.


    1. Sometimes I’ll think that one sounds a bit daft, but I suppose we all have our crosses to bear. I’m the same – just shut out the world and write. I have a system where I hand in an essay and then spend the weekend writing whatever I please: fanfic, poems, you name it.

      For me it is the new Facebook: I check in on there maybe once every three days and come on WP every day. Much more interesting than an endless litany of selfies and posts about what a person is doing, thinking, feeling etc. I find FB ventures into TMI territory a lot.


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