Same eyes – very similar shade.
Not quite a perfect match but
it’s close enough.

Those eyes are fixed on me as I talk –
some half-baked idea about

We never used to talk about
Still, I remember you looking at me.
Your gaze didn’t waver, whereas
mine flickered all over the place.

I always was less invested
than you.

Similar accent, different region.
Different enough that I
remember –
he’s not you.

Same laid-back manner
reminds me of you.
I never did quite get how
you could be calm
when I was prone to stressing out.

Then again, sometimes you were
a sort of calming force for me.

He’s not here for much longer.
A few more weeks,
he’ll be back on a plane.

For now though,
I unfocus my eyes and
tune out the talking.

He isn’t you, but
for now –
he’ll do.

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