The Future, In Just Six Words

For Mum and Dad. Love you.

This is, in six words, the dedication I’ll inscribe in my first novel when publishing. I would’ve made it longer, but today’s prompt says six words. (I’ve never understood how an author can put in the barest dedication: one author, I’ve seen will literally just say For K.)

Thus far, I have written two, both fifty-thousand word piles of text done in the frenzy of NaNoWriMo.

I have the idea that I’ll self-publish, as it cuts out the going-to-publishers and waiting deal. I’m just not patient enough to wait weeks while someone reads what I’ve written. Knowing me, I’d no doubt take to silently haunting the house, a wide-eyed ghost flipping the calendar and staring at the phone/my emails for hours on end.

And of course, in my daydreams (nightdreams?) I instantly become a best-selling author, though I’ve since become more realistic. These dreams are the ones where I live in some great apartment in one of the world’s capitals. Still, a girl can dream.

I think I’ll expand on that dedication.

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