She’s ditzy.

She sits with a blank expression,
eyes far away and vacant.
It’s like she wants to create
a new stereotype – dumb brunette.

(why should it be
restricted to blonde?)

She favours pretty, girly stationery –
bubblegum pink and
baby blue.
Her counterparts favour navy and red.

(fluffy, insipid)

Her nails are always flawless.
Long, perfectly shaped,
A variety of colours.
Ballet pink, lipstick red, midnight black.

(appearance is sole concern)

It’s all fake.
(not the nails: they’re real)

The nails and stationery and
attitude hide
cunning and deviousness and

They hide intelligent thought and
painstakingly made plans.
They never suggest at
being underestimated.

(she’s shy, so she conceals it
to the best of her ability.
it works oh-so-well.)

They’re a physical metaphor, hidden in plain sight:
she’ll fight tooth and work tooth and nail
(so many cliches)
to get what she wants.

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