Ah, Luxury

The top luxury that I cannot live without is internet access. 

A few years ago I was adapting to university and learning about a “wifi” and yes, I did ask a friend about it with the quote marks. I am not terribly brilliant with computers. 

Anyway, I like being online as much as possible. If I get an email, the app pings right away and I read it as soon as possible. This is useful, because sometimes a person I know will send me multiple emails of TV series and such that I like, which gets very frustrating. I use internet for so much: blogging, tweeting, catching up with the news – I stopped reading newspapers years ago, catching up with TV I’ve missed. 

I also use it for all university work: emails, and the university thingy where the lecturers post the resources. 

Quite frankly, I think I’d be lost without the internet. Without it, I’d not be able to post my blogs, though I suppose I could load up several to be magically cued up to post themselves. I wouldn’t be able to do my banking and have to go to the bank, which is quite inconvenient given my class schedule. I wouldn’t know when people were reviewing my fanfiction or translate random foreign phrases to English.

Lucky then, that internet access at university is free.



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