A Poem For A Service?

I think that if the world relied on barter instead, I could do relatively well.

Several months ago I saw a friend’s Facebook status about trading a sonnet for food. I would do this, except that my poems would be original.

You know how you see those people with easels and sketching materials who offer to bring you to canvas life? (Do people still do that?) I would be like that, but with writing. If you need a poem or even a bit of flash-fiction, which I’ve learned is a name for pieces of prose under about 1000 words, come to me. We’ll do a trade: I create this poem for you, email it to you, and then you do something for me.

Alternately, I could make earrings. True, it’s hardly ground-breaking, but I’ve liked making my own jewellery, beaded mostly, for years. As I’ve got older, the pieces are a bit more sophisticated.

Also, I realise that men would have less use for the earrings, so maybe I’d do both. Poems for men, earrings for women.

It sounds idyllic. I’ve been threatening to open a little store on Etsy and sell some of the many pieces I’ve made, if only for a bit more pocket money. Time to check that out again.

But yes, when it comes to bartering, I think I could do a decent job. Pity the governments wouldn’t accept earrings and poetry as loan payments.



4 thoughts on “A Poem For A Service?”

  1. Ooh, earrings are fun. I would love to see your designs! I got a chuckle imagine the IRS opening up the tax payments and seeing a pair of earrings. No matter how fab your designs, those would be sent right back to you!


    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m thinking of a little store on Etsy to sell them, so you might see pictures sometime. I’d be paying my student loan – I don’t imagine a sonnet would go down too well either. Hence the need to sell. I don’t know if they would come back though: might be opened by a woman wanting new earrings.


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