My Imaginary Life as a Wanderer

One of my main daydreams is that I’m a wanderer. For the sake of the imaginings, I’m fabulously wealthy and money is no object. Also, I don’t have to work official jobs.

And yes, in these imaginings I’m traveling all the time. Maybe not all the time, but I once read a novel where two (quite minor) characters had a pact: if one of them wanted to go somewhere, they would call or text the other and say “Hey, let’s go to Barcelona.” Or wherever it was they wanted to go.

That appeals to me. I would like to be able to just book a flight or train, hop on with my passport and one small carry bag. Because you see, this is my fantasy land, and I have apartments in New York, London, and a few other places.

I think Europe would be my biggest travel target. I study German; English literature; classical studies involving Greece and Italy. Those at least are on my real life bucket list.

As for deciding, I don’t know. Maybe I’d get one of those world-map globes and spin it, jab my finger at a place and see where it takes me. Maybe I’d google random holiday destinations, see what comes up. In this fantasy land I have wanderlust. I wander randomly through the cities and countries, taking things in and seeing what’s what.

Since I have various apartments I have some sort of pretend home base, but nothing permanent. I imagine that would make me a bit lonely, so I would either seek out company and make lots of really interesting friends, or be a bit of a traveling hermit and only interact with people sporadically.

After a few years though I think I would tire of being a nomad. I would definitely decide on my favourite place and stay there, but still travel lots.

Besides, the constant travel means I’d have to be immortal to keep up with an ever changing world, so if anyone has a vial of the special immortality-bestowing potion lying around…

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