Hit the Road, Jack

So we’re going on a cross-country road trip. We shall take the car.

Firstly, I’ve never been on a plane. Never really had the need, and it seems silly to take a plane from one city to the next when its all in the same country. Besides, planes mean you have to rely on people to bring you food and stuff, and I don’t feel like dealing with that.

Trains are out: I am the sort of person who does not like being around very many people. I attribute this to my excellent hearing, as I get wound up and irritable when there’s a cacophony of people talking and whatnot. Also, my inner eight-year-old would be scrambling between one carriage and the next, which would undoubtedly annoy everyone else.

I don’t much care for buses. I take buses enough in my day-to-day life. On most buses I just kind of stare out the window. I think that should actually be Stare, because its become a habit. Anyway, it’s the gaze of someone who has become too accustomed to something, and no amount of music can lift the boredom.

That leaves us with the car. This way, we can control the speed at which we travel. We can also choose music and not have to put up with annoying announcements. We also decide what routes we take, allowing us to take in pretty scenery (more than once I’ve been fascinated with the countryside and farms) and where we stop for food and such. True, there’s making sure the car is all serviced and has a full tank and all that, but its no great hardship. And yeah, cars are a bit cramped, but that makes it cozy.

Not to mention, there’s something infinitely satisfying in reaching your destination after hours in a car, getting out and taking in your new surroundings.

Response to the prompt: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/daily-prompt-trains-planes-and-automobiles/

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