Oops, Wrong Century… Or Not

I like the twenty-first century. I like Twitter and blogging, and I’m grateful for being able to drop laundry in a machine, add powder, jab buttons and wander off. I’ve heard of using a ‘mangle’ to clean clothes, back a century or two ago, and I’m of the opinion it sounded a bit difficult and time-consuming. Plus the name puts me off: I’d be worried about my clothes coming out mangled. I especially like online shopping, in which I can just order books from the comfort of my bedroom. Even better is downloading ebooks, because then I can get as many as I want and not feel guilty about making my bedroom a total book mess. Besides, I don’t always have the patience to walk the stores: sometimes you just want to sit down and browse online.

I enjoy the freedom to wear jeans and T-shirts, and can’t for the life of me picture myself in a big hoop dress. Corsets sound like a special kind of torment, since women aspired to small waists. As a woman, I would probably not have any access to university education, which I do in this century. So the Victorian era is out, though women were not wholly uneducated – they sometimes helped run small businesses, according to a class I did.

I think technology is the biggest factor. I know all the wonderful technology I have access to in this century, and I like it. I prefer an EFTPOS card to having to carry cash, and computers are just too useful. I couldn’t sacrifice any of them, except for the rare times I shut things off because I have a headache and want to sleep. I keep my iPod in close proximity, even when it’s charging, because I like having music AND a music store at my fingertips, wifi willing. The electric blanket, in winter, gets a good workout – what did they do before electric blankets? I find I actually don’t know.

So in conclusion, I’m perfectly happy and comfortable in this century. If offered time-travel opportunities, I’ll take short trips to meet Chaucer and Shakespeare. (Please excuse the name-dropping, but when I go back to the past I won’t have as much of a chance to do so)

This post was a response to: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/daily-prompt-modern/

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