Winter Solitude

Rain sheets down from
Dull gray skies.
The sky matches his mood
Rain a substitute for tears
Since she left.

The weather picks up on his mood
By default, solitary and lonely.
It is perfect weather to stay indoors and
Sit by a warm fire – all the cliches that
She enjoyed when she was here.

She left six months ago
Picking up and going in
The middle of the night.
For the first few months
He was convinced she would return.

Now he’s not so sure.
The note said that she would be
Gone for good. He can only hope that
She didn’t mean it.

The longer she’s away
The more hope fades.
He can’t keep clinging to the thread of hope
That is lightning –
Brief for seconds, then fades.

Ever so often he sees
A flash of black hair in a crowd
Or a red coat like her favourite one.
He always stops and double-takes,
Just to see if its her.

Somehow though
She always manages to vanish into the crowd.
She’s gone before he can see
If it really was her or if he’s
Just seeing what he wants to.

He doesn’t know where she is.
She might be somewhere warm and sunny
Sandy beaches and cliches of summer holidays
Filling her life
While he’s stuck here.

He made an effort to look
Online, asking around.
It seems she doesn’t want to be found.
He wanders what happened
What did he do?

She left in summer
It’s winter now
Without her, cold and bitter and lonely.
He looks out the window again
The rain is still sheeting down.

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