I Never Sing in the Rain

Today’s prompt was well-timed. As I type it’s pouring with rain, and I’ve had to turn up the volume on my TV.

I like rain. Readers familiar with my creative writing will know I like the rain. One reader asked if I had some type of connection to the rain, which I do not. I just like rain. I theorized once that since I was born in winter, that’s where my like of rain is from. Maybe if I was born in summer, I would like sunshine.

Rain is peaceful, yet not. My ideal afternoon is something like the current one. It’s raining, either hard enough to mute the TV or radio, or just quiet enough that I register it as background noise. Right now it isn’t very cold, but it will be soon. My mum always warns me about not letting myself get cold, so when it rains I like to bundle up with an ancient jumper, fleecy enough to stay warm even after dozens of washes. If it gets dark enough I then draw the curtains and light a candle. The glow of the candlelight is pretty and a nice counter to the harshness of the lightbulb.

I tend to get cold easily and my hands are first to feel it. The best way to warm up then is a hot flask of tea or coffee.

Oh, I am ranting. So my ideal rainy afternoon involves tea, blankets, music or my favourite TV programmes. Books, not so much, because books are silent and the sound of rain is distracting. I think books are better suited to snowy afternoons, or sunny ones where you stay indoors.



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