We stopped being friends two days ago
And now I’m gone
Not physically: geographically, I live in the same zip code
But mentally, I’m a million miles away

I’ve already managed to move on
I have a good friend who I consider to be my best friend once again
We lost touch years ago and she found me online
I think that’s ironic: you end our friendship on there
While I find a lost friendship on there

She’s a good friend, and never pulled the type of crap you did
Of course she isn’t perfect-no one is, but she’s a much better friend
Someone once said that a friend is ‘someone who walks in
When others walk out’
And that’s true.

You walked out of my life, and she returned.
Things between her and I didn’t end badly: we were young
And when she moved away we just lost contact

Between her and my other friends, I can move on.
So now I don’t really need you anymore
I don’t want for us to still be falling in and out of friendship when we’re twenty
So the best thing is for us to stop being friends.

I’ve moved on.
I cut my losses and accepted that sometimes, a person isn’t a good friend
No matter how much you text someone, or talk to them, they may not change.
Change is obviously important in anything
No matter how much you want someone to be a good friend, sometimes
They just can’t be.

So now I’m gone.

I’m going to hold higher standards in future
And one day I want peaceful, drama free friendships
I know I’m not perfect
But as far as being a good friend goes, I’m learning.

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