Something to Nothing

Called me your best friend
I thought of you as a sister
Now that’s gone.

I said you were my best friend
We planned to spend time together
Even as we made the plans I wondered if they’d happen
Remembering the times we made plans that didn’t happen
Movies we intended to see
Places we meant to go

But the proverbial hit the fan
And got in the way.

Wasted time being selfish and childish-something you called me more than once
And that’s what gets to me when I consider our friendship
We could have grown apart
But you ended things between us in a much different way

I think that’s what’s going to bug me in years to come
If I think about how we stopped being friends, I’m going to remember this
Maybe I’ll wonder what would have been

Maybe I’ll have forgotten completely

Either way, we went from best friends to not friends at all
So fast, that I wonder if you were just looking for an excuse to ditch me

Just goes to show how fast things can change
From something to nothing in minutes

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