A modern-day Icarus,
I fly through the night on the wings
Of an energy drink.

I’m inclined to stay awake
Secret reasons keeping my eyes from
Closing for a few hours.

Icarus is the personification
Of the night here.

As Icarus flies through the sky
On flimsy wings of wax and feathers
So too does the night fly.

Icarus soars higher in the air
Danger approaches, despite best intents
To try to prevent the danger.

The night climbs in the sky, unshielding
Stars and a moon that always changes.
Higher into the sky, the night rises.
Eventually the night had to fall,
As per the laws of gravity.

Icarus flies closer to the sun, although
Common sense dictates he steer clear.
Nearing the sun brings his peril.

The night comes nearer the sun, as
Icarus does, and is forced to
give way to day.

Icarus’ wings can no longer hold him
And he plunges to death.
The night’s wings tire, and night
Therefore submits to the day’s power.

Like Icarus and the night, I stop flying.
My flight ceases with day’s arrival
I close my eyes, trading flight for rest.

Icarus didn’t know when he should stop flying;
The night was forced to stop.
I was the only one with the choice to fly.

1 thought on “Temptation”

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