Cover of Darkness

Operating under the cover of darkness.

Darkness supplies me with an
Invisibility cloak, one that I
Gladly wear.

The darkness brings an anonymity that
Day can’t offer.
Darkness is transformative: a bedroom
Becomes a cave, silent and mysterious.

Wearing such a cloak, in such settings,
Allows anything to happen.
Tonight, it is not any random thing
That happens.
Tonight I have the control.

Tonight is a night of silence, punctuated
By the glow of a tiny screen and
The faint clicking of buttons.
Any random observer doesn’t know this.
They would have to first know
What to look for,
To listen for.

A second sound, more obvious
Could give things away.
Knowing this, the sound is
Quickly and efficiently silenced.
It takes as little as possible away
From the silence of the cave.

Hours pass,
blurring and melding
New knowledge is gained and traded,
Questions asked and answered.

A spell has fallen,
Cast by an
Unknown enchantress.
Geographically distant,
Technologically not.

Several more hours pass and
Darkness opens to allow darkness to return.
The spell wear off, replaced by a new,
Different one.

The cloak of darkness will return in a
Few more hours.
Until then, there are less secrets.


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