Hello world!


I’m Sarah, and I really like to write. As you might’ve seen on my profile, that liking of writing is why I’m here.

I would like feedback from those who read my work, and I want to read stories that inspire me. Fanfiction is something I do in my spare time, but I’m trying to branch into my own original work and thoughts. I’ve begun to create a writing portfolio, but I’m looking to write daily. And yes, I do seek prompts. I welcome them.

I think one day that I would like to be a journalist, although I’m not 100% certain.

I solemnly swear that I will do my best to post frequently. My current goal is at least once a day.

There may be a Facebook page for this blog soon, if I decide to. Right now I’m having trouble deciding if it’s conceited or sensible.

I think that’ll do for now, so until (hopefully) tomorrow.


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